Quick Update on The Move

Hello friends!

Welp! We're here. We moved to our new home on September 15th. It is SO WONDERFUL. I didn't really realize how small (for a family of 6) our last house was. We really were all on top of each other. It was a great little house, though. It served us well. Lots of great memories there. We bought it when Oldest was almost 1 year old.

We stayed in our small town and only moved about 3 blocks away from our old house. And it's strange to see our old house with someone new living there. It's bittersweet, really. I think it brings the kids a little comfort, though, to see it on the way out of town sometimes. Even though they've done fine with the move. They're closer to more friends, have a bigger backyard and bigger bedrooms. We can't complain!

I gave myself a week to get the major things unpacked and situate the house a bit before we dove back into school. It had been SO LONG since we've had a "normal-ish" schedule! Since March, I'd say.

The first few weeks were a little rough, but now we're getting settled into our new routine and generally, things are going swimmingly! There's always a few hiccups of course, but I can't complain. I think the kids were really missing their routine. The day we started back at school, Oldest said to me, "Mom, I'm actually really glad to start school again." :) #winning

So, while the major unpacking is done, there is still so much to do. But I don't mind. We are here! What a crazy summer it was! I'm glad it's over.

I have a couple walls I want to paint and I'd LOVE to replace the carpet in the living room, but other than that, there isn't anything major that needs to be done on the house. Of course, we're finding lots of little things that need fixing, but you'll have that.

I'd like to chat a bit about school these days on the blog here, but we'll see. I always have great intentions and then...

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks:

 She always holds on when we go for a walk. :)


Middlest had an accident while coming down the slide. :( She's fine, but it scared me at first because she came into the house screaming, holding her throat! But, like I said, she's fine. :) 

And on that note, I bid you adieu!


A Poem About Moving

I had this long, boring, whiny post written up about the "joys" of moving. But instead, I'll wax poetic. 

I said to my husband, "Our house is too small!
And it's a seller's market, after all."
Being the amazing man that he is
He replied, "Honey, let's sell! It's an easy biz!"

We had just had Baby Number Four
But I didn't really care anymore.
We needed more space than we had
Our bedroom situation was getting quite bad.

So all summer long,
We cleaned and we showed
Finally! After four long months
Our house was sold!

Boxes, boxes everywhere.
Makes me want to pull my hair.
But the kids don't really seem to care
About the boxes everywhere.

My poor husband's being doing all the packing
Because I have four children who keep hi-jacking
Me to do silly things
Like, wash and feed!
And attend to all their other "needs."

I'll be so thankful for our new home
But I didn't realize
I'd be so prone
To go a little crazy and start writing poems.



I should be sleeping. Not blogging. (See blog title.) But, alas! here I am.

It's 11:27pm(!) and I'm at the computer. The baby *finally* fell asleep about an hour ago and I thought I would squeeze in some homeschool planning quick before I went up to bed.

And now here I am. Almost an hour and a half later. I'm just going to go ahead and apologize ahead of time if this isn't the most coherent post.

Here's what's rattling around in my brain:

-- we're moving in about 4 weeks. I'm SO excited (bigger house and yard!) but also feeling a teency overwhelmed. I look around and wonder *how* it will all get done?! I know it will, and I've already had a few friends helping me (God bless them!), but I still feel overwhelmed. It'll be ok. It'll be ok. It'll be ok.

-- Oldest and I were driving around this evening trying to keep Babyist asleep, after a fun time at our local Banana Republic (see previous post since I'm too lazy to link to it), and as I was driving on some country roads, I drove past a TINY kitten in the middle of the road! To make a long story short (also, see my Instagram), we brought the kitten home. For the record, the LAST THING I WANT RIGHT NOW IS A PET. But how could I sleep tonight if I left it there, in the road, to die?? I'm already not sleeping, dernit! (See blog title.) So we're now the proud owners of a flea-infested, gunky-eyed, malnutritioned, adorable, pathetic kitten. #whydoidothistomyself #idonthaveaheartmadeofstonethatswhy

-- We started school last week. What was I thinking!? It's a "light" schedule, but I'm still second-guessing myself, wondering if we should just wait until AFTER the move. I'll keep you posted. Maybe. We all know how great I am at blogging these days.

-- Did I mention we're moving? I'm so, so thankful! Our new home will have so much more space for us! Thank you, Lord. The timing was perfect. Of course. God is so faithful.

-- I can't even begin to tell you how amazing my husband has been lately. I mean, he's not *perfect* (duh), but he's really stepped up to the plate and has been doing whatever it takes to get things done 'round here. You know, since I can't do anything except childcare right now. #fourkids #iloveit Thank you, honey! You're the best! (that was for you. he doesn't read my blog.)

Ok. I'm going to go to bed. *yawn*

Blogger's Shopping Event, Take 2!

Hello friends!
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